Infant CPR Courses in Thunder Bay

Child Care classes in Thunder Bay First Aid
Child Care classes in Thunder Bay First Aid

Thunder Bay First Aid in Ontario is a childcare first aid training provider that is affiliated with St Mark James. All of the training programs are taught by instructors certified by the workplace approved so students are assured of quality training. The rates offered by Thunder Bay First Aid are extremely affordable as well. In a childcare first aid program, students learn how to manage a variety of injuries common among children. You can find more details on the Thunder Bay First Aid website.

Alcohol swab used to sanintize wound in Thunder Bay First Aid
Alcohol swabs are used to sanitize an area.

Thunder Bay First Aid offers very hassle-free enrolment.

The most popular enrolment method is using the online registration form. After choosing the class that you want to sign up for, you can fill out the registration form to enroll in that class. E-mails and telephone calls are other ways to enroll as well. Expect a reply to your request during business hours. In-person enrolment is highly encouraged by the Thunder Bay First Aid staff.

The rates are the most affordable in the area.

Unlike other providers that let students incur additional expenses after additional expense, Thunder Bay First Aid lets students pay the entire course fees during enrolment or before training starts. This way, a student is confident that there are no additional expenses while training. The full fees include taxes, certificates, registration with the workplace approved, training manuals, and of course, tuition.

Trainees who decide to drop out of the program can receive full refunds, as long as the staff was notified at least 72 hours beforehand.

Triangle bandage training classes in Thunder Bay First Aid
Triangle bandages are used to immobilize injured areas or keep dressings in place.

Childcare first aid covers a variety of different topics.

The childcare first aid program is offered by all workplace-approved affiliated training providers. The program is completed over two days, with the entire program lasting 18-20 hours. The focus of the program is on injuries and health problems common to children – infants, toddlers, and school-age children. Trainees learn to perfect skills such as bandaging, wound care, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The CPR portion of the childcare first aid program teaches trainees how to modify adult CPR for children, especially infants. The use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is also taught. AEDs are used during CPR and provide the heart with needed electrical shock.

Thunder Bay First Aid also offers special training and private classes.

Big groups of students are often offered the option of booking a private class. Students can also request special training at home or at events like seminars and conferences. Events are usually requested by companies and schools. Just inquire about instructor rates and schedules from the staff.

Certificate cards are given upon passing the class.

A certificate card from St Mark James is awarded to students who pass their enrolled program. Wall-mount-sized certificates have to be requested. Before three years, the certificates expire but can be renewed through a recertification program. Childcare first aid recertification programs are 8-9 hours long, with classes held at least twice a week.

Did You Know?

Bedsores are very common in patients who are bedridden and are not turned frequently enough. The risk factors associated with the formation of bedsores are:

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