Applying First Aid For Heat Cramps

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Overview Of Heat Cramps

  • Heat cramps occur as a result of involuntary muscle spasms
  • They usually occur due to a lack of sodium and water
  • Heat cramps are excruciating, might be serious and lengthy
  • Lots of physical training in scorching weather causes extreme sweating
  • This results in a shortage of electrolytes thus causing muscle cramps
  • The muscles that are the most affected by heat cramps are:
    Heat cramps occur as a result of involuntary muscle spasms
    Heat cramps occur as a result of involuntary muscle spasms

    a. Thighs
    b. Abdomen
    c. Calves
    d. Back
    e. Arms

  • Fortunately, out of all the heat related injuries, heat cramps are the least serious
  • Though, heat cramps is a sign of heat exhaustion

Risk factors Related To Heat Cramps

  • This is because of a negative sodium balance
  • Diuretic medicines
  • Absence of adaptation

Causes Of Heat Cramps

  • The occurs during extreme heat
  • Heat cramps occur when a person becomes dehydrated
  • Heat cramps also occur as a result of extreme sweating
  • It also usually occurs when the body loses its natural salt
  • Muscle stress can lead to heat cramps
  • If your body is in a poor condition, you are more susceptible to heat cramps

Symptoms Of A Heat Cramps

The following symptoms may be experienced:

  • Faint feeling
  • Collapsing
  • Fatigue
  • Biliousness 
  • Sickness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Skins feels sweaty and hot

Treatment Of Heat Cramps

  • Relax for a short while and cool down
  • Physical pressure or massaging the affected area can be applied to ease tension
  • Drink some water with about one teaspoon of salt
  • Drink some liquids that contain electrolytes (sports drink etc.)
  • Practice mild stretching workouts to exercise the affected muscle
  • If the cramps carry on for more than one hour, then phone your doctor for medical assistance.


Heat cramps generally get better with:

  • A drink  that contains electrolytes
  • Sitting in the cool shade, out of the sun
  • Rest

Prevention Of Heat Cramps

  • Sufficient liquids must be consumed from time to time
  • Liquids must be consumed before you start feeling thirsty
  • Don’t do substantial sweaty workouts in hot conditions

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