What should your babysitter know about baby first aid?

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Most people have, at one time or the other, required to hire the services of a babysitter, but how many times do individuals pause to ask what the potential employee knows about baby first aid? In as much as one wants to make sure that the kids are well fed and well taken care of, professional babysitting means that an individual is equipped with skills to ensure that they are well prepared in the event that there are emergencies with the kids. This article focuses on some of the things that your babysitter must know.

  • The babysitter must know that there is no reason why she should not call 911 in case there is an emergency. This may seem rather obvious to a number of persons, but it is important to make it clear since people come from different backgrounds. Consider an individual who was brought up in an environment where raising any issue was taken to be an intrusion, and you could find yourself stuck with a complacent babysitter. Part of proper baby first aid means acting promptly in the face of emergencies. This is one of the reasons why employers need to take their babysitters through such classes.
  • It is impossible to talk about baby first aid without making mention of CPR. CPR- cardio pulmonary resuscitation- refers to first aid techniques which are used on a baby when they have stopped breathing. There are a number of reasons why this could happen, but the most common in babies is due to chocking. Check that the babysitter is well trained in baby CPR, and go a step ahead and ensure that they are not hesitant to use these skills should the need arise.
  • The babysitter ought to be well versed with how to feed a baby to reduce the risk of chocking. For this reason, she should also be aware of what to do in the event that the baby chokes. If you have to, make a print out of the steps to follow.
  • Ensure that the babysitter is aware of what information they need to give to the paramedics in case of an emergency. Considering that she will be the first person to get in touch with the paramedics, it is important that the information provided is accurate, especially with regards to the medical history of the children. Baby first aid requires that you give a list of these conditions to ensure that proper treatment is provided.
  • It is interesting to note that emergencies are not always medical in nature, yet it is imperative that a babysitter is prepared for them. A fire, for instance, is not a medical emergency yet it requires the same attention as a medical emergency due to the risk that it poses. Make sure that the babysitter is well trained in evacuation techniques as well as baby first aid following such an incident.

When it comes to first aid in babies, it is better to be prepared and have nothing happen than not to be and potentially lose one’s baby.

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