Learning CPR in Seattle

Infant CPR Courses in Thunder Bay
Because our courses focus on both adult and pediatric CPR, we train our students using high end adult and infant mannequins.

Seattle CPR is a top training provider that offers the best first aid and CPR training in the city. There are five training programs available through the week, as well as three re-certification classes. You have a variety of classes to choose from. All of them are certification programs; the trainee simply needs to complete training and pass the exam at the end to receive their CPR training credential. We have re-certification available for rescuers who credentials are near expiration.

The heart disease experience of Americans

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. The most recent report released in 2014, analyzed the data collected in 2010. According to the report, the death rate that could be attributed to cardiac disease was 235 in 100,000. The rates for males were 278 in 100,000 for white males and 369 for black males. With these rates in mind, coronary heart disease (CHD) kills 1 in every 6 Americans. This amounted to almost 400,000 deaths in 2010 caused by CHD. More than 600,00 Americans are expected to have a heart attack in the year, almost a third of them having experienced a heart attack previously.

Signs and symptoms of heart attack

A heart attack is typically signified by severe chest pain. It is important to note that this is late symptom. The first signs of chest pain are usually mild, usually experienced after strenuous physical activity. Because these symptoms resolve after the person has taken a rest, they usually don’t seek medical help.

However, if these symptoms are recurring, it is important to see a doctor about them. Chest pain only happens when the heart is deprived of oxygen – this happens when the arteries that supply the heart muscle (coronary arteries) cannot deliver needed blood to the organ. Delivery problems can stem from a blockage or a vasospasm.

Studying CPR and first aid

Our training programs include both CPR and first aid training. CPR training will teach basics in compression and ventilation, as well as defibrillation. First aid lessons will teach you how to manage a variety of injuries, such as sprains, cuts and bruises, and fractures. There are basic and advanced courses which vary in terms of topics. Only one of our programs is for the public. The rest of our courses are for people who work in health care. Advanced courses may only be taken by health care professionals.

Basic training

  1. Basic CPR and AED (general public)
  2. Basic CPR and AED C
  3. Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
  4. Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers re-certification

Advanced training

  1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  2. Advanced Cardiac Life Support re-certification
  3. Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  4. Pediatric Advanced Life Support re-certification

The certificates you will receive are valid for two years. Once they approach expiry, they can be renewed through our re-certification classes. However, if your certificate expires, you have no choice but to take the (longer) training program again. We do not allow rescuers with expired credentials to get re-certified.

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