First Aid For A Bruised Or Black Eye

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Black Eye Overview

  • A contusion affecting the tissues involving the eye
  • Caused from an injury sustained to the head and face
  • This results in puffiness and dark coloring around the eye
    A black eye is generally a slight issue
    A black eye is generally a slight issue
  • Therefore, it is known as a “black eye”
  • A black eye is generally a slight issue
  • At times, it points toward a more severe injury
  • One can be affected or both depending on the severity of the accident

What Causes A Black Eye?

  • It usually occurs when a person experiences direct force to the nose or eye
  • A person can get a black eye after surgical procedures done to the face
  • People can get a black eye from certain allergies
  • A black eye can occur if something bites you

What Are The Symptoms Of A Black Eye?

  • The eye will appear to become discolored
  • The eye will seem puffy
  • Direct force to the nose can cause the eye to swell
  • Injuries to the head can cause the eyes to turn black
  • Pain
  • Unclear vision due to inflammation
  • Headache

Severity Of Certain Symptoms

  • Person will experience constant headaches
  • People will experience double vision
  • The eyes will be inflamed so it will be difficult to move the eyes
  • There might be some blood on the surface of the eye
  • There might be a discharge of blood or pus from the eye and nose
  • Person might lose consciousness
  • A person can lose their sight if the injury is severe.

How To Treat A Black Eye

  • Most black eyes will heal within a few days
  • If it is more serious, then phone your doctor for a consultation

Home Remedy For Treating A Black Eye

  • Place some ice on the affected eye to reduce swelling
  • If you notice no improvement, place some warm compresses
  • Don’t directly place ice in the eye – this can cause frostbite
  • Wrap ice in cloth or use a commercial pack
  • Carry on with a cold compress until the swelling and pain subsides
  • Don’t do vigorous activities or exercises
  • Make sure you acquire medical assistance

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