How To Save A Severed Finger

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How to Save a Severed Finger for Re-Attachment

Most of the time, a detached finger can be re-attached if the finger is handled correctly.  The initial thing you want to do, is of course, see to the casualty who was injured.  Cover their hand up with some fresh gauze or other fabric and apply a bit of force to manage the bleeding.  Then get them medical assistance as soon as possible

Before going to the emergency room quickly cover the finger in gauze.  Then put the gauze into a packet.  Zip the packet up very carefully.  Make certain it is fully sealed.  Then get a basin or bowl and place both water and ice to produce an ice bath.  Place the bag in the bowl and swiftly proceed to the emergency center.

What Not to Do

Most of the time, a detached finger can be re-attached if the finger is managed correctly.
Most of the time, a detached finger can be re-attached if the finger is managed correctly.

Do not place ice directly on the finger (or any other body part). It can cause harm to the skin and tissue if directly placed on ice.  So be certain to wrap up the finger in something that is water-resistant and then place it on the ice.  The ice is vital because it will help conserve the body part.

How To Transport A Casualty With A Severed Finger

Bear in mind a few things when it comes to driving the casualty to the hospital or clinic. If the hospital is more than 20 minutes away it might be better to phone an ambulance – it will be quicker.

  • If any main arteries have been detached phone an ambulance straight away.
  • If the casualty is in shock phone an ambulance right away.
  • If the casualty is losing consciousness phone an ambulance immediately.
  • In minor cases, you can just drive the casualty to the emergency room, but in any of the severe cases stated above phone an ambulance.  The most horrible thing that could happen is that you get stuck in traffic or the casualty loses consciousness as you are transporting them to the hospital.

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