Now is the Best Time to Prepare for Emergencies

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emergency-preparednessDo you think you could able to remember important health information of your spouse or child health in case of a life-threatening emergency?

Unless you are trained at similarly stressful situations, your answer is probably no. Most people can get easily rattled in emergency situations. It is often difficult or impossible to recall medical information. This is the reason why it is recommended that you keep such information easily available in your home and vehicle. In case of life-threatening situations, having a complete medical history can help the EMS provide appropriate emergency care.

When you say medical history it should include the following basic information:


It should contain the name, address, home phone number, mobile phone number, and emergency contact person. It should also contain essential information such as medical care records, health insurance, organ donation records, and advanced directives (if any.)


Severe allergic reactions can lead to serious complications and even death. This is especially true if someone in the family has a known serious allergy to any substances or medications. Also include allergies to dyes, foods, or contrast materials. Information about allergies is important as it can help the EMS personnel provide emergency care for allergy.


An updated record of medications is important for the emergency personnel since medications may have adverse reaction when administered along with certain medications. Be sure to included dosages of medications currently used. Before the doctor or paramedic administers medication, he checks what other medications have been recently been taken.

Underlying medical conditions

Make sure to include pre-existing conditions of your family members, such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, cancer, etc. EMS personnel should be notified immediately about such information. It can guide them as to the emergency care they will provide. Moreover, underlying medical conditions can greatly affect the results of the treatments and tests carried out. As much as possible, members of the family with pre-existing medical conditions should wear medic-alert bracelet or necklace to ensure proper identification and care.


In order for a doctor to come up with the right diagnosis, he or she may need to check the immunization record. This is crucial in cases where an infection is suspected or is the likely cause of the illness. You can get an updated immunization record from your family doctor.

Family health history

Certain medical conditions are passed through genetics. Making a family health history can help in determining the likely cause of illnesses. It can help the doctor better understand the present condition and will assist in making the right diagnosis. It does not usually take long to compile medical history of your family.

Preparing for emergencies should start now. Many people think that accidents and emergencies are a distant reality, until it’s too late for them.

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