Rescuing Victims

Guidelines For Neonatal Resuscitation

These guidelines are intended for individuals who are charged with the responsibility of carrying out neonatal resuscitation. The guidelines are applicable to neonates who are making the transitional development from life in the uterus to the outside world. They are also relevant for neonates who have finished perinatal transition, and would have to be resuscitated …

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Disaster Preparedness Plan Should Include Your Pets

Does your household have an emergency preparedness plan? If so, does it include your pets? If you have pets, be sure to read further and learn how to make a comprehensive emergency contingency plan. With natural and man-made disasters occurring more frequently, more and more households are now creating their own emergency preparedness plan. People …

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Emergency Decontamination Procedures

Emergency Decontamination Procedures

Emergency decontamination procedures are the various processes of removing accumulated contaminants which are very critical to the health and safety of health care providers by preventing secondary contamination between health care workers and other patients within the health care facility. Emergency decontamination procedures should have a definitive plan in educating the employees both medical and …

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