Intussusceptions As A fatal Medical Emergency

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Stomach Pain
Obstructions in the intestines can be very uncomfortable.

Intussusceptions are a common intestinal obstruction disorder that affects children between the ages of three to six months. It most affects children in fall and spring and mostly affects boys than it does to girls. This is a fatal condition that involves folding of a section of the intestines. This prevents food from passing freely into the digestive tract. The blockage is dangerous as it leads to swelling in the affected area, which further leads to blockage of blood supply to the intestines. Lack of enough supply of blood to the intestines can lead to death of that particular part of the intestines, bleeding, gangrene and other abdominal infection.

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Causes of Intussusceptions

The real cause of intussusceptions is not known, however the problem is linked to infection. It is also experienced by children who had relatives with the same conditions when they were children. Children suffering from cystic fibrosis, dehydration, upper respiratory infection, gastroenteritis also have high risk of getting this problem.

Symptoms and Signs

  • The major symptom is sudden cry by a healthy child. The child may also strain or draw up both knees as a result of the severe onset of the abdominal pain. In most cases, the pain comes in at intervals of 10 to twenty minutes.
  • The baby gets irritable, vomit, fever and start to pass stool that may be followed by bloody, mucus and grape like stool.
  • The crying and the pain makes the child become weak and tired. The severity of the pain may lead to shock making the baby become pale and start to sweat.

Intussusceptions is a fatal condition that requires immediate medical attention. It must be treated within twenty four hours.

Treatment and Diagnosis

The main goal of the treated provided is to save the intestines from further damage and complications that help save the life of the baby.  Diagnosis of the problem will include physical examinations, an abdominal X ray or an ultra sound.

The treatment provided is determined by the condition of the child and the doctor’s choice in discussion with the parents. In most cases, a barium or air enema is conducted to further examine the obstruction. Many times enema leads to the unfolding of the intestines and rectifies the condition. In case the problem is not rectified, surgery is conducted. The most important factor to having good prognosis for a child with intussusceptions depends on early diagnosis and treatment.  The most important thing to note is that this is a fatal condition and must be rectified within 24 hours.

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