Saving a Life: The Importance of First Aid and CPR Course

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first aid and CPR courses
first aid and CPR courses

It is said that “It is better to know first aid and not need it, than to need it and not know it all”.

Knowledge about first aid and CPR courses is a must as you never know when you could be faced with a medical emergency. Although a delay of a few minutes when a person’s heart stops means a difference between life and death, most situations do not require life-saving efforts. During their entire lifetime, most people will only see one or two life threatening conditions.

Saving lives is important, but knowing what to do and when to do it calls for training in first aid and CPR courses.

Usually,first aid and CPR courses are short term courses that are packed with a lot of information and techniques. Usually there are no hidden charges involved while enrolling for first aid or CPR course. Before enrolling for the course, do a little background research about the trainer. To avoid getting cheated, make sure that the trainer is certified.

They Follow The Same Principle:

At many institutions, first aid courses are taught along with CPR courses,because they share the same principles and are required to be performed in emergency situations. An effective CPR is important for a person who has got a cardiac arrest or is suffering from a respiratory problem. In order to save a person’s life it is important to maintain the blood circulation to the brain and ensure that his heart is beating. Often it is observed that people who are not trained in CPR tend to give inadequate compression.

Knowledge about first aid and CPR is very important since professional help may not always be present at the time of an emergency.Getting help in the first few minutes is very important in crucial situations.By attending these courses people also learn when not to perform CPR. Many times if an individual is seriously injured and if CPR is performed, it may cause more harm than good.

It Is Important Yet Only A Few Know:

Although the number of people suffering from cardiac arrest and other respiratory problems have increased over the years, it is shocking that only a few people know about first aid and CPR courses. Sadly many people are afraid to enroll for these classes as they assume it to be a waste of money and time. On successful completion of the course you get a CPR certification that gives you the license to perform CPR on an individual in case of an emergency.

A lot of techniques can be learned only through practice and these courses ensure that you get hands on experience. Getting certified in CPR or first aid is like taking a pledge that you would make a sincere effort to save another’s life in case of an emergence. This is why today, there are hundreds of medical institutions and hospitals that are providing cheap but interactive first aid and CPR courses. These courses will train you save lives and make a difference to the society. In short, it makes you a more responsible citizen!

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