B. Isaacs

Beverly Isaacs is a registered nurse specializing on the field of pediatrics. With her years of experience in the medical field, she has handled a variety of childhood conditions and injuries. She is a mountain climbing enthusiast with a passion for writing. If she is not spending time outdoors in the wilderness, Beverly Isaacs spends most of the time in her home writing a variety of health topics, specifically on first aid care. She is a contributor to several reputable websites for updated information on different first aid and other related topics.

Chickenpox virus

Chickenpox or varicella is a virus which usually affects children. The condition is distinguished by its red-colored blisters that are itchy that occur all throughout the body. In the past, chickenpox was common that it was considered as a childhood rite of passage. When the chickenpox vaccine was introduced back in the mid-1990s, the cases …

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